Support MZĐ

There are lot of things you can do to help and support. Mozdicoin was created for daily basis transactions from people to people trading, in community but is growing fast and worldwide, and nowadays you can transact with anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Using Mozdicoin Wallet

You can accept payments for goods and services, sell or make purchases, pay for services and goods with or via Mozdicoin, doing these you are supporting Mozdicoin and making your life easier.

Earn money by inviting, registering people and mining

As a user, win money referencing, inviting, registering people to start mining. For each person you bring and put mining into MOZDICOIN community platform you get paid directly to your Mozdicoin Cyclos Wallet.

Spread About

Write, Publish, Speak and Talk to everyone else about Mozdicoin. Convince stores, suppliers, customers and even your workers to accept Mozdicoins as payment.


You can use your MZĐ account to save money and make it generate more money daily. Saved money means more money for you.

Business with Mozdicoins

Boost your own business by accepting borderless Mozdicoin and, find businesses that let you pay for goods and services with MZĐ or via Mozdicoin wallet.


You can send some Satoshis to our BITCOIN Wallet Address: bc1qykfku77fe35vaml49j278hvw9amutvfg29fqrf

Or just Scan the QR-Code to donate some Satoshis to us