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Mozdicoin (MZĐ) is more than just money, it’s a reliable, safe and stable digital currency to use on a daily basis transactions to make and receive payments for services and goods and also for investments, savings and direct P2P worldwide transfers. With fast, direct and transaction without any fees, MZĐ is surely the most viable option for making small, medium and large deals instantly. Many entities and people, worldwide, accept MZĐ for transactions and payments. It’s fast, reliable, private and secure, running in Cyclos.

Cyclos permits a de-centralization of banking services, that stimulate local trade and the development of people and communities, offering a user-friendly, secure payment system. Presently, over 10 million unbanked people in poor regions worldwide are using it for mobile wallets. Also contains tools to increase the impact of existing flows of money and to introduce counter cyclical Social Trade Credit. Cyclos received various awards. Among these the reward by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2014 as most innovative payment software with a great potential to contribute to the fight against poverty. Cyclos is developed by STRO (Social TRade Organisation), a leading organization in monetary innovations. STRO introduces the Money Multiplier: increasing the impact of expenditures – money in poor areas will be reprogrammed to work more intensively for local community, unlocking the economic and personal opportunities in there regions. STRO’s target is to provide a $10.000,00 dollars annual income per person to 120 million unemployed people worldwide. By this FinTech software, makes it possible to reprogram money in poor areas so that it “works” more intensively for local communities/regions. You can learn more, just download the complete E-Book here Ch@nging Money .What is this e-book about? It is about money. It is about how money influences our lives. What we know about that and what is hidden. But above all, it is about how societies can move towards money that serves us instead of imposing rules that are leading to the destruction of the environment and a future of diminished opportunities for millions of people. You will get a totally new and different perspective on the economy, money, and banking.

Contributors: Whether it was through donations, or other contributions, many organisations and people helped to make it the successful project that it is. Bellow are some of them, just click in the respective logo to know more.

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STRO’s Motivation: The purpose of the Social TRade Network of projects is: “To develop and promote sustainable economic models for a world full of development opportunities, high quality of life, cultural and environmental diversity, based on sustainable production and consumption.”

Innovative monetary methods help to reduce and can eliminate poverty and lessen underdevelopment, from North to South. Renowned economists such as Silvio Gesell, Irving Fisher and John M. Keynes pointed out that lack of money (or liquidity) and the high cost of borrowing money (interest) lead to the persistence of poverty and inequality. Unequal access to (scarce) money and interest based money creation, favor those people or countries which have (too much) money, at the expense of those that have too little. In other words: the rich get richer, while the poor get poorer. This is illustrated by the huge debts of many developing countries, which only seem to grow bigger no matter how much they repay. Relatively huge interest payments (direct and hidden inside the price of imported goods) prevent economies from developing and make it very difficult for poor groups to break free of their debt dependency.

Budget cuts caused by financial obligations to service the debt burden lead to reduced expenditures, unemployment and reduced purchasing power, thus reinforcing recessionary tendencies and obstructing measures to promote an economic recovery. This can lead to a vicious downward spiral, in which (local) governments spend more, receive fewer revenues and, etc… In order to break out of this vicious cycle, Social TRade advocates the introduction of local exchange systems that create additional purchasing power and credit for low-income groups and small enterprises with limited working capital. Social TRade brings about conditions within the local market place in which purchasing power shifts its preferences towards locally produced goods and services that are produced by unemployed and underemployed micro-entrepreneurs or Small and Medium sized Enterprises with ‘spare capacity’MOZĐICOIN (MZĐ) is the right solution (UN establishes three pillars for countries’ sustainable development: Economic; Social; Environmental. The Johannesburg Declaration states that sustainable development is based on Economic Development, Social Development and Environmental Protection).

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